Building Communities For More Than 20 Years
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About Provident

Company Overview

A Tradition of Excellence

For more than 20 years, Provident Development has pursued excellence in real estate development.

Our attention to detail and quality attract clients with the most distinguishing tastes.

With roots in historic restorations, Provident has established "A Tradition of Excellence" in projects ranging from single family homes, to luxury waterfront condominiums, to prime Class A commercial space and entire planned communities.

With a solid base of local contractors, Provident is proud to maintain more than decade long relationships with the majority of our suppliers and contractors. We believe this speaks volumes about the stability of our company and our commitment to the community whether we're building in our home port of Metro Halifax on Canada's East Coast, or abroad.

Creating Communities

Provident develops communities that stand apart. Our attention to detail, down to every last brick and paint color, results in outstanding streetscapes that look just as good today as when we started more than 20 years ago. Communities of single family homes, townhouses, sweet semis, low-rise condominiums, right up to nine storey twin towers, have all been built by Provident.

Provident is best known across Canada for Harbour Lights at the Bedford Waterfront, Atlantic Canada's largest new waterfront community.

Partnered with Great People

Each person who offers their skilled craftsmanship to build a Provident home is motivated by the knowledge that we strive for excellence. The people Provident partners with, many who have worked with us for over a decade, help us to do work that we and our home owners can all be proud of.

Provident welcomes the opportunity to work with skilled new people and we have a great respect for our hard working craftspeople.

Striving for Excellence

At Provident, we strive for excellence in everything we do - from design to new construction to renovations to warranty service. That's why our name stands out. We work hard to offer the best value for whatever your needs may be.

Professionalism is at the core of the Tradition of Excellence we're proud to have created and we are committed to maintaining.


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