Steps to Buying a Home
We are here to help!

Let us take that stress off your shoulders. Here is a simple guide showing the steps of buying your dream home with Provident!
  • Choose your Dream Home

    View our MLS listings or visit one of our many model homes to pick the community, lot and home that suits your needs.

  • Complete a Purchase & Sales Agreement

    Scott MacDonald our Director of Sales will help you navigate the paperwork completing a purchase and sale agreement. Provident is also happy to work with you and your real estate agent. We cooperate with all Brokers.

  • 10 Day Review – Financing, Legal, Deposit and Insurability

    Once you have an accepted offer there is a 10 day period where 4 milestones are completed. A) Proof of financing, typically your bank or mortgage broker will provide you a pre-approval letter for the value of the home you are purchasing. B) Both the sellers and buyers’ lawyers review the completed paperwork to ensure they+ are satisfied. C) Within 48hrs of an accepted offer a deposit is due that is held in trust by our lawyer D) Buyers need to contact their insurer to confirm insurability for the home they are purchasing. After these 4 activities are satisfied, the deal is firm and the home is officially SOLD.

  • Complete the finish schedule (for a new construction home)

    Within 3-4 weeks of a deal becoming firm the buyers will sit down with Provident to customize their interior finish selections. This task will take approx. 1.5 hrs and be completed at one of our sample showrooms located at our model home. Buyers have the opportunity to choose paint colors, floor tiles, hardwood, countertops etc... all selected from on site samples.

  • Construction of Your New Home

    Provident will build your new home from start to finish in 5 months. Once a deal is accepted the permit process begins followed by footings, foundation & framing.

  • Closing Day – Welcome Home

    On your pre-determined closing date you will complete a pre-closing walk through with Scott & Provident’s warranty manager. This is your opportunity to ensure the home has been constructed and finished to meet & exceed your expectations. At closing you will receive your homes new 8-year LUX new home warranty. Welcome Home!

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